Video Conversion


Over time Video cassettes degrade and with them memories are lost forever!

We can undertake Video to DVD conversion on almost any format of cassette. If you do not see yours please get in touch.



CODE Cassette Type Price
SVHS Standard VHS £10
MDV Mini DV £12
Hi8 Hi 8 £12
DIG8 Digital 8 £13
Extra copies  £7
Video/cassette tape repair – if successful  £12
Video 2 DVD conversion

Completed conversions are tested on 3 independent machines before we hand them over to the customer so please check your DVD player if they don’t seem to work. Some DVD players don’t play copies.

Although we try our best to clean all videotapes/cassettes so they stand a better chance of conversion, we don’t profess that the conversions will be better quality than the original. Depending on the condition of where and how long your video cassettes have been stored, and especially if they haven’t been rewound after use and before storage, there is a small chance that the tape itself may snap during conversion. Personalised GIFTS will in no way be responsible if this happens. The conversion will be a straight forward copy and no editing will take place.

We will need to know if you require your old videos returned then we can give you a costing for postage when completed, this will invoice seperately.

If YOU DO NOT wish for them to be returned we will hold onto them until you receive your DVDs and then we will recycle them safely & confidentially.

ADVICE: It may be a good idea to have copies of your conversions done at the time we are converting them as DVDs also get damaged from time to time.


Send us your video/cassette tapes by post to:

Personalised GIFTS,
39 King Street,
South Yorkshire
S72 7DX

OR if your local just drop them into the showroom.


Please enclose your name and address with postcode and a contact telephone number stating if you want your videos returned once conversion as been completed. Your contact details will be kept confidential.

Customer Feedback:

Gosia McMichael‎:
Fantastic service, my DVDs are top quality, much much better than I was expecting and memories treasured are priceless, brought tears to my eyes, thank you very much , very appreciated.

Andrea Mary Tony Williams:
Had a lovely evening last night watching old family videos. Oh Lauren Picton there was you as a brand new baby. Then you are laughing at the cuddly huskie dog giggling away. There were loads of video of sandy haven with Amy and Nathan crabbing with grandad and Jean Williams’s nanny jean, and Samantha Williams. I seemed happy those days lol. Fun fun fun . Also Jean Williams remember the horse that wanted to take Amy away lol. All this was made possible by Gazza Hockey who is converting my tapes to DVD and doing a fantastic job, thank you so much.

Melanie Charlesworth:
Feeling emotional watching another DVD of my boys when they were little that Gazza Hockey has done for me thanks love ur a star.

Kerry Clarkson‎:
Thanks so much for them DVDs I love em.

Gail Preece‎:
Hey matey! Can’t thank you enough for the DVDs! only watched ten minutes n the memories have got me in tears! Priceless, Thanku.

Steve Beady Eye Smith:
Massive thank you to Grezza Hockey for working his magic on our wedding DVD. Great work as always and would highly recommend his services.